PPL (A) Private Pilot Licence

The PPL (A), Private Pilot Licence, is the European licence that entitles the holder to fly European registered aeroplanes in the European Union provided that the holder has the correct ratings. However, as suggested in the title of the licence, it is a 'Private' licence and is purely for private flying only, not for commercial operations that lead to remuneration.

Training schedule

The total duration of the theoretical and practical training is variable and depends on the student availability. Generally speaking, 4 to 12 months have to be taken into account.

The theoretical part consists of 100 hours of classroom lessons held by one or several instructors. The student will acquire all the required knowledge that will be officially tested at the end of the training course through a theoretical written exam during one of the scheduled ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) exam sessions.

The practical part requires a minimum of 45 hours training (at least 25 hours with an instructor and at least 10 hours as solo pilot onboard subject to authorisation by the instructor) on our newest Tecnam P2008JC. The last step of the training is the practical skill test which will be carried out by a Flight Examiner. Eventually, the licence along with the SEP (land) rating will be issued to the successful candidate!

Costs and pre-requirements

Get in touch with our office in order to receive the detailed info and costs without obligation! The minimum requirements to be enrolled in the PPL (A) course are:

  • 14 years of age on the first day of the course, 16 years for the first solo flight and 17 years of age to take the practical exam. No upper age limits are in place as long as the medical certificate can be revalidated
  • EASA Class 2 medical certificate

If you decide to start your flight training, it is advisable to have your pilot medical examination done at an early stage to confirm that you are fit to fly. Legally, you cannot fly solo until you are in possession of a valid medical certificate.

The youngest age you can have your pilot medical examination is 15 years and 6 months - there is no upper age limit.

Revalidation and renewal

The PPL (A), according to the regulation, does not have an expiry date. Nevertheless, the SEP (land) rating, that is issued along with the licence when you satisfactory pass your final practical examination, does expire every 2 years. In order to keep the SEP (land) rating current, the requirement is to fly at least 12 hours, at least 1 hour of which with a Flight Instructor on board during the last year of validity. Alternatively, should you have not achieved the 11 hours target, you then have to carry out a skill test with a CRE (Class Rating Examiner) in order to get you rating revalidated. If the rating expires, further training is required depending on the time since the rating is expired. In any case, Aero Club L’Aquila will assist you thanks to its internal team of instructors and examiners!

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